In today’s marketplace, manufacturing companies are increasingly utilizing digital technology to improve their business from the boardroom to the factory floor. Businesses in the industrial & manufacturing space also require an online presence that communicates the value and quality of their offerings, while engaging multiple audiences, from engineers to purchasing to C-level management.

Research has found that nearly three fourths (70%) of a buyer’s journey happens online, before they initially reach out to your sales department. That means that your prospects are going online, reading reviews, and seeking out additional educational material to help their decision making. All before they make a single call. The website’s role is more important than ever, in attracting, engaging, and inspiring prospects to reach out to you.

Manufacturing websites designed with a proper flow, organization, and wording can earn the sort of increased lead quality and quantity all companies are hoping for. We’ve gathered a few of our current and all-time favorite manufacturing web design examples below.

This Years’ Examples of Industrial Website Designs


FasTest is a dedicated manufacturer of advanced engineered sealing connectors for product testing, fluid transfer, and other processing applications. They offer both custom and off-the-shelf solutions to industries including automotive, appliance, aerospace, HVAC-R, compressed gas and medical/life sciences.

The FasTest team needed a modern, intuitive e-commerce website designed specifically for engineers, their primary audience. This manufacturing website features clear positioning and messaging from the homepage throughout the website, robust but intuitive filters to help engineers identify the products that suit their applications, and e-commerce powered by Shopfiy. The site also directly integrates with FasTest’s CRM, MAT and ERP systems, creating efficiency for the internal team.

Path Robotics

Path Robotics recently launched a state-of-the-art, lead-generating website to introduce its intelligent, industrial robots to the manufacturing industry. Their technical audience was skeptical about Path’s so-called bleeding-edge technology and zero upfront cost pricing model. Path’s new website tells a clear and compelling story of what they offer to their prospects, accompanied by stunning visuals and all the facts & figures that technical audiences need to know before they can take action.

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics (MRP) is a world leader in the plastics manufacturing sector, offering material compound development, engineering design, and manufacturing of custom-molded elastomeric and thermoplastic components and assemblies.

MRP’s recently modernized, responsive manufacturing website attracts and engages their diverse target audiences with clear messaging & positioning, SEO informed content, and an intuitive user experience that showcases MRP’s products and services.

Primary Flow Signal

Primary Flow Signal (PFS) is a leader in flow measurement solutions offering world-class differential pressure flow elements that ensure the highest quality, accuracy, and reliability for liquid, gas, and steam applications.

This manufacturing website’s user experience is elevated by well organized product and service pages that allow users to easily differentiate and dial into the right product line, strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) design elements, and highly relevant content such as white papers and case studies for their technical audiences. Industry pages and case studies provide trust to C-level audiences and less technical influencers in the buying cycle.

MISCO Speakers

MISCO Speakers designs and manufactures hundreds of different speakers for every audio application. They are recognized as the only audio manufacturer in the country that provides product design, prototyping, and testing under the same roof—a complete end-to-end experience.

MISCO’s website handles two major lines of their business – custom solutions for their OEM market, and off-the-shelf products for small batches and prototyping. The site features robust filtering and offers comprehensive product specifications for its technical audiences, including a customizable “feature compare” function, which includes a sound wave visualization capability powered by Highcharts.

Halco USA

Halco is a manufacturer, supplier, and converter of specialty reclosable hook and loop fasteners for automotive, aerospace, medical, hygiene, print and display, and general industrial use.

Halco’s product pages accommodate categories and subcategories for filtering. The industry pages describe Halco’s experience and expertise with hook and loop applications in the industry and offer the opportunity to request a sample kit. Additionally, industry and product pages can be easily created to rank for certain keywords.

Past Years’ Examples of Industrial Website Designs

Eyecon Visual Precision Counter

Eyecon designs and manufactures innovative countertop automation systems for pill counting and prescription validation for retail pharmacies. Long story short: they have a complex im电竞竞猜靠谱么 product offering and needed an intuitive website design that simplified the buying process.

Eyecon ROI Calculator

The reason Eyecon made the list is how their website makes expert use of value-added features. A ROI calculator and demonstration video work together to engage, educate, and convert prospects.

Supermax Tools

SuperMax Tools manufactures drum and brush sanders for the woodworking and metalworking industries. This manufacturing website is a visually-driven, user-friendly website designed with their two target audiences — hobbyists and commercial users in mind. The website features easy-to-find product content, video tutorials, and dealer locations for SuperMax’s sanders and supplies.

A multi-tabbed product page delivers a large amount of content, including specs and videos that help hobbyist buyers learn about the product before buying, while keeping the interface quick-and-easy to use for commercial buyers. An interactive map and dealer listing make it easy to find both physical and online dealers. 

How to Design a Great Manufacturing Website

There are several patterns that lead to the success of these manufacturing websites. A high-performing manufacturing website will quickly and efficiently inform your prospects on your products and services, answer their questions online, before they need to reach out to sales, and instill trust in your company. Here are a few additional key points:

Seeing examples of so many cool manufacturing websites is inspiring, isn’t it? You might be finding yourself wondering how your business can have a site like that as soon as possible. We’ve got a surprise for you: all of these sites were developed and designed by the team at im电竞直播. If you want to start things out with a free consultation, get in touch with our team today . We’d love to hear from you.

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