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For im电竞竞猜靠谱么 marketers, January is the time to begin executing new plans and strategic initiatives for the new year. If you’ve missed January, the beginning of the quarter the perfect time to review a broad range of items that sometimes go unchecked, or ignored during the preceding 12 months.

To help you plan for the upcoming 12 months, we’re sharing our 2020 3-Part Digital Marketing and Technology Planning Checklist. Work your way through the checklist however you wish — top to bottom, bottom to top — but be sure to check off each item. If you do, you’ll position your digital marketing strategy and tech stack for success in 2020. Let’s get started:

1. Tactical Credential and Access Review

Confirm that everyone who has access to your platforms and applications has proper access and you’ve protected each with a strong password:

2. Critical Thinking and Objective Review

Carefully review your company’s digital marketing plan and prospect/customer engagement activity to see how you are performing across broad tactics:

3. Competition Review

A digital marketing checklist wouldn’t be complete without a thorough review of your company’s top competitors as well as partners, prospects and customers. The goal of this review is to look for opportunities to reinforce your strategy and hone your messaging.

Are You Failing to Plan?

Finally, you can use this checklist as a starting point as you create your plans for 2020. Feel free to add other items! But if you need further encouragement, turn to the oft-repeated words of Alan Lakein:

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

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