How to Build a im电竞竞猜靠谱么 Website that Sells for You 24-7 Picture of a Sales Funnel

For im电竞竞猜靠谱么 businesses, a great website can be like adding a few more people to your company’s sales team.

After all, your website never sleeps. It’s always on the job—providing your prospects with up-to-date information, engaging content, and proof you’ve delivered quality products and services for other companies.

At the same time, your website vets and prepares your prospects, so your sales reps have a much better chance to close a sale when they reach out. But some websites fail to engage and nurture prospects because they’re technologically outdated and not aligned with your sales team or company strategic initiatives.

Many of these websites don’t even attract the right traffic (or any traffic to speak of). Nor do they:

Choose a Good-Better-Best Approach

What can you do to turn your im电竞竞猜靠谱么 website into an extension of your company’s sales team? To transform your website into a “closing machine,” we suggest you take several steps to add particular features and capabilities to your website. We’ve divided those up below into three checklists that build upon each other.

If you’re just getting started, begin with the table stakes list. As you evolve your site you can slowly add more capabilities and functions. Ultimately, choosing which is best for your company right now depends on a combination of your current state, budget and overall sales or revenue goals.

Good—Table stakes

Better—Intermediate steps

Our Better checklist includes everything from Good , plus the below.

Best—Next level

Our Best checklist includes everything from Good and Better , plus the below.

Turbocharge Sales With an Aligned Website

Modern im电竞竞猜靠谱么 websites can turbocharge any sales organization and help you grow faster with better marketing. Start with our Good-Better-Best checklists to build a website that’s aligned with your company’s strategic initiatives and sales messaging. The result: motivated prospects and more sales.

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