What is this “on the grid” project you ask? It’s a user-friendly guide to fun and exciting places for creatives to visit, organized by city and divided up by neighborhoods. It has expanded to cities all over the world, and Windmill has been chosen to represent our very own Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood!

What Does this Mean?

Being chosen to “curate” for a neighborhood means that our team will be selecting the places listed on the site as the must-see local spots. This can include anything from coffee shops, places to grab lunch, or even a nice park to relax at. Since Northeast is full of hidden gems, we’ll have our work cut out for us. We’ll be taking lots of great photos and writing little blurbs on each spot.

On the Grid – Early Beginnings to Expanding World-Wide was started by Hyperakt , a design agency based in Brooklyn, after moving to a new neighborhood and discovering all of the new and exciting places to explore. Since launching this project in April, hundreds of creative agencies all over the world have mapped their neighborhoods, and partners such as Lyft , InVision , Neighborwoods , and others have become involved.

Minneapolis-St. Paul is expected to launch Friday, January 8th, so stay tuned!


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