Written by Kathy Kassera Mrozek

In an abundance of caution and responsibility toward the health and well-being of our team, partners, community, and our ongoing business commitments, im电竞直播 is making a few changes to our day-to-day operations.

Fortunately, as a digital agency we’ve already have various tools in place to support a remote workforce for several years, and our team is well practiced at operating remotely without any disruption of client service. 

Here are the current operational practices that Windmill is following to reduce the potential exposure and transmission of COVID-19:

  • Our team will begin primarily working remotely.
    • Our phone system is able to digitally route calls to our remote workspaces, so our regular phone numbers will continue to function just fine.
    • We have conference tools (e.g. UberConference) that allow us to continue to have internal and external meetings.
  • Our Minneapolis office may have only one staff member on-site at any time. Generally our on-site hours will be to fulfill logistical purposes.
  • External face-to-face meetings will be unlikely to be scheduled, and many existing face-to-face meetings may be transitioned to online platforms.
  • Staff will not be attending in-person professional events and gatherings, and is practicing social distancing measures.

We will continue to edit this page should our response change over time.

Windmill encourages you to read these resources:


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