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Custom Pediatrician Website Redesign for Independent Practice

Metropolitan Pediatrics had spent many years with a contract associating them with Children’s Minnesota. This led to their branding and website, over time, taking on Children’s branding instead of their own independent design. When their relationship with the organization ended, they were left with an outdated logo and branding alongside a website in need of a fresh, new look.

They needed a fresh logo and website that reflected the new direction for their practice, which is why they came to im电竞直播 for our design, branding, and web development services.

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Services Utilized

  • UX, Visual Design, & Branding
  • Logo Refresh
  • Web Design & Development


  • Alert Bar
  • Custom Design


  • New Users Increased 7.4%
  • Session Duration Increased 17.3%
  • Sessions Increased 10%

About Metropolitan Pediatrics

Metropolitan Pediatrics is an independent pediatrician practice that has been providing quality care and service to their community for over fifty years. Their pediatricians offer infants, children, teens, and young adults a variety of services including growth & development, behavior concerns, immunizations, injury prevention, illness, nutrition, and beyond.

Situation: A New Site to Coincide With New Independence

Metropolitan Pediatrics had a very specific desire: to update their logo and branding in order to set themselves apart from Children’s Minnesota after they were no longer connected. Over the years, their website had adopted a lot of Children’s references, branding, and imagery that needed to be removed.

They wanted to reclaim their own business identity through design and refresh updates from im电竞直播. Like all pediatrics websites, the site needed to quickly answer the questions of busy parents, including expectant parents, while conveying trust. While the task itself wasn’t challenging, it did come with a challenging caveat: turn-around time needed to be fast, with a hard launch deadline that couldn’t be moved.

Solution: Unique, Updated Visuals, Logo, and Web Copy

Pediatric Web-Design Metro Peds Mobile Responsive Because we were asked to perform our task with a hard deadline, we had to establish quality project organization from the beginning. That meant an adapted kickoff meeting and once or twice weekly meetings between our project manager and the client so that, no matter what, feedback could be quickly implemented and reviewed.

To keep with the quick timeline, and because we had developed several successful pediatrics websites before, we skipped our usual initial strategy brief and went straight to recommending our known best practices, with customizations, in a sitemap and wireframes. These wireframes showed key content areas and functionality focuses and, once completed, influenced the rest of development. The site update itself was built around these wireframes using a WordPress layout with Gutenberg blocks enabled.

From the very beginning, we wanted to make sure everything was done in a way that was quick and accessible, so that, as with all of our website projects, on-site admins could always make their own updates after initial project work was complete. This was especially relevant because of the quick turnaround time, so that Metropolitan Pediatrics admins would be able to make further updates or changes as they continued to develop their new, independent identity.
When asked how they felt about their time working with us, the client at Metropolitan Pediatrics was “impressed with how quickly our team got the project done.” They thought “the logo refresh was so well done” and were “very pleased” with our process and delivery.

The new site creates a flexible communication tool that will easily evolve and adapt to Metropolitan Pediatrics’ current and future needs.

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