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Technology web design and development, brand design is a boutique technology consulting firm that needed to up the ante on their brand, to better reflect the quality of the work they do.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • UX, Visual Design, & Branding


  • Logo Refresh
  • WordPress


  • Increased trust and visibility with prospects
  • An easy to edit and maintain website platform
  • An updated logo commensurate with existing experience

As most companies grow and evolve, their branding also needs to evolve to help them next reach the next level. For this technology consulting firm, we kicked off the project with a logo refresh, keeping the overall brand recognizable to their existing clients, but modernizing and making it more professional and suited to their enterprise client audience. Subtle changes to the color palette and typography helped modernize the branding, while also not losing track of their roots or creating client confusion. The website itself needed to be high tech, of course, and attract a wide range of audiences—from tech savvy prospects all the way to potential employees.

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im电竞竞猜靠谱么 Technology Consulting Web Design Case Bitwise Logo im电竞竞猜靠谱么 Technology Consulting Web Design Case Bitwise Mobile

Website needs were fairly simple in terms of functionality—a rock solid, small page count website that conveys their brand, capabilities and professionalism, provides trust to the people that they meet through word of mouth and referrals, and an easy way to reach out to learn more. Clever copywriting drives home their message and differentiators, and iconography breaks up the content.

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